Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on 11.06.2020

When will I be stood up?
As restrictions begin to ease, parts of the business will begin to reopen in a staggered approach. This means that not everyone will be stood up at the same time. If you are required to come back to work, your manager will be in contact with you to stand you up. 

Will I be stood up to my original hours?
If you are asked to return to work, it may be for a reduced number of hours, it could be work that needs to be done from home (if applicable) or at a different site that you normally work at – your manager will work with you on this.

How will I be notified when I am stood up?
If you are asked to return to work, you will be given at least three days’ notice in writing after being consulted with over the phone with your manager. Employees will receive an email directly from with their letter. 

I am currently receiving JobKeeper, will I still receive JobKeeper when I am stood up?
Yes, you will still receive JobKeeper if you are stood up. If your wages equate to less than $1,500 per fortnight, you will receive a “JobKeeper top-up” to ensure your minimum payment per fortnight is $1,500. If you are working and expect to earn more than $1,500 per fortnight, your wages will remain unchanged, however the YMCA can claim a JobKeeper subsidy of $1,500 per fortnight for your wages.

Do I need to complete training before returning to work?

Yes. To ensure we are looking after everyone’s health and safety,  all staff are required to complete the Australian Government COVID-19 Infection Control training, be familiar with the ‘Responding to Safeguarding Concerns’ Procedure and ensure that their role specific Qualifications are up to date. This must be completed and sent to your manager in order to be eligible to return to the workplace. 

Before your first day returning to work after stand up, you will need to complete the following:

1. Complete role-specific qualifications training (if qualifications have expired or will expire soon).
Life Saving Victoria portal (if required)
2. Complete the online Federal Government ‘COVID-19 Infection Control Training’ via this link: Covid-19 Infection Control Training
3. Read and sign the ‘Being COVID-Safe at the Y’ commitment form via this link: Being Covid safe at the Y Commitment Form (use your YMCA log-in details and follow prompts to complete course)

4. Complete ‘Responding to Safeguarding Concerns’ assessment via this link: Responding to Safeguarding Concerns Assessment (use your YMCA log-in details and follow prompts to complete course) 

If you do not have your YNet login details, please contact

Will I be stood up to complete the COVID-19 training?
You are required to complete the training before you are stood up or return to work. Your manager will advise you of when you will be required to return to work.

If my manager is stood down, do I still email them my COVID-19 training certificate?
If your manager is stood down, keep a copy of your certificate and email a copy to

Is the Safeguarding Procedures Training submitted automatically to the Y? Will I receive a confirmation email?
Once this training is complete, staff will not get a confirmation email however INX will record the completion of this training. Your manager can access INX to check if you have successfully completed this training.

When will my centre/site be reopening? 
YMCA sites and services may reopen at different times. We are currently working with council partners to understand when each site will reopen and what services will be available. Before we do reopen, we must ensure that the site is COVID-safe to protect our staff and the community. This also applies for State Office at Box Hill and Ikon Park.

Will staff be compensated for extra cleaning due to COVID-19?
Staff will be paid for the hours they work when they return to work. If their role requires them to perform cleaning on shift, staff will be paid for their time worked. 

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