Last updated: 15 April, 3.15PM 

Incident management

If there is a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) at any YMCA Victoria site, we have an eight-step procedure in place to deal with the situation. Access the full resource pack via Ynet.

The incident is to be escalated via INX (Event Type: Incident – Emergency Management and Sub Type: Coronavirus) and this will be escalated immediately as a critical incident.

  • Monitoring supplies at your site

    Monitoring supplies at your site

    Sites are advised to continue monitoring their basic essential supplies. The Operations team are actively sourcing new supplies and suppliers where possible. However, if suppliers are unable to provide the essential products required, the following steps should be taken:

    • Check in with neighbouring sites/centres to see how their supply levels are looking – we need to be working together now more than ever.
    • Source products locally where possible – at your local supermarkets or grocers.
    • Contact Damian Chenoweth on or 0428 927 022 – the Operations team have ordered some essential supplies that can be collected/distributed to sites, so please reach out if supplies are scarce.

    If we are unable to source certain supplies, sites/centres may need to look at implementing a change of menu until they can be sourced.

  • Sanitisation and decontamination cleans at sites

    Sanitisation Clean 

    This type of clean should be used as a preventative measure to minimise the chances of an outbreak at a site, and is usually used to treat a gastro outbreak. A sanitisation clean, as the title suggests, includes sanitising surfaces to kill any bacteria which may be lingering. 

    Sanitisation cleans require specific Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and will cost $760 + GST per day. To arrange a sanitisation clean please contact Damien Carmody from YMCA Rebuild on 0419 319 507 or

    Decontamination Clean 

    This type of clean is required in the instance where a coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak occurs at one of our sites. It is an intensive clean that requires cleaners to completely decontaminate the site, all touch points and use a fogger (specifically designed equipment/chemical to sterilise airborne particles and surfaces) to kill any bacteria. This type of clean needs at least 24 hours of rest time before anyone is allowed back in. The cleaners are required to wear full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including disposable coveralls, masks and gloves.

    Smart Clean have provided the below indicative costs for this type of service for our Early Learning Centres:

    • Small centre - $495 + GST
    • Medium centre - $795 + GST
    • Large centre - $995 + GST

    If you require a decontamination clean, please make sure you have a copy of your centre floorplan, or a photo of your evacuation plan, to send to Smart Clean so they can determine how many team members are needed to decontaminate the site.
    Please note, as our Recreation sites are currently closed, Smart Clean have not provided estimates for these sites. If in future you need a pricing for a Recreation site, please contact Smart Clean.
    To arrange a decontamination clean, please make contact with Matt Tetley (National Accounts Director) from Smart Clean on 0422 289 744 or

  • Social Distancing and hygiene practices at sites

    Children’s Programs

    The following coronavirus (COVID-19) additional hygiene practices are being implemented across the YMCA Early Learning Centres, School Holiday Programs and Before and After School Programs:

    • sanitising all surfaces and frequent touch points every 30 minutes
    • providing sanitiser at all entry points of centres
    • displaying guidelines for hand washing, social distancing and risk minimisation measures
    • staff have completed the accredited Department of Health COVID-19 infection control training course
    • distributing eWater cleaning solutions to families where it’s available
    • replacing all scheduled incursions and excursions with in-house activities
    • reinforcing to staff the importance of monitoring their own health and are advising that if they feel unwell or are showing signs of illness they must remain at home
    • all staff and children must wash their hands upon entry and each site will have an increased amount of sanitizer available
    • children are washing their hands hourly, as well as after toileting, before food and when coming inside
    • children are not be permitted to play with clay or play doh
    • professional cleaning is being undertaken in our centres every night.

     Social distancing practices

    • Children are separated between indoor and outdoor spaces to ensure that there is enough space between each child.
    • All centres have cancelled ‘mat time’ until further notice.
    • For parents and guardians - parents / guardians are not permitted past centre reception with sign in and sign out taking place at the entrance.
    • Centre staff are completing the sign in/out process to minimise touch points for parents / guardians.
    • No visitors permitted in centre.

    YMCA Rebuild and YMCA Bridge Project (operating as usual)

    YMCA Rebuild’s 12 crews will continue to serve its customers, providing facility and property maintenance services, such as landscaping and painting. Crew leaders are ensuring that all appropriate hygiene and social distancing requirements are implemented and monitored.

    The YMCA Bridge Project will also continue to provide services, while simultaneously ensuring that staff, participants and partners meet standard commercial requirements and practise social distancing as recommended by the Department of Health. 

  • YMCA Media Requests

    YMCA Media Requests

    All staff are reminded of the YMCA PR Policy regarding media contact.

    This policy outlines that no staff are allowed to make comments or answer questions to a media outlets on behalf of the organisation without authorisation. All media enquiries and support can be directed to